Fact 67 - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

from the album Don't Get Lost (2017)

I am really digging the new Brian Jonestown Massacre album - Don't Get Lost - losing myself in its lo-fi experimentation in texture, tone, and vibe.  The record is captivating while never having that stand-out song or exemplary moment.  It is, essentially, about losing yourself in the music and its creation.

This spirit of experimentation is best captured on the song Fact 67.  It starts with looping beats and percussion that sound like they were thrown together in Garage Band.  This sound is perfect in terms of an experimental song's texture and vibe.

Next enters the bass guitar, laying down the line and establishing a mighty groove.  The tone of this bass line is particularly captivating, sounding as though someone plugged into the bass amp in your living room and started jamming out a line. Coupled with the drums, this is the sound of a raw, do-it-yourself record.  You can almost feel their breath.

Atop this foundation, we are treated to the psychedelic guitar work that the band is renowned for and guest vocals by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans.  Both are primarily focused on texture and tone.

Then the bass line returns.  This song is all about the bass (and the beautiful act of creating music)...

Click Here to listen to Fact 67.

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