Fireproof - Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah

from the album The Tourist (2017)

Fireproof by Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah is one of my favorite songs of 2017 (thus far) for late night "altered" listening.

What gets me going with this song are the bass and drums.  They are actually playing the same part, and - best yet - a part with lots of stops and rests.  I am not certain I have heard this done before.  I dig it.

As the song progresses, percussion is added from a simple shaker.  It is fun to hear how impactful the shaker track is in a song devoid of a traditional rhythm arrangement.

Once you are locked into bass, drum, and shaker, let your mind run wild through the tonally exquisite soundscape and vocals. I find the guitar playing and tones to be delicious.

I like listening to this tune most between midnight and four AM.  I wonder if my neighbors do?

Click Here to listen to Fireproof.