Hello Stranger - Samantha Fish

from the album Chills & Fever (2017)

When Barbara Lewis began gigging around the Detroit music scene with her father in the early 1960's, she took note of how people in the clubs would come up to her dad and say, "Hey Stranger.  It's been a long time."  She turned this into the #1 R&B hit "Hello Stranger" where she is backed up by The Dells, who's harmonizing line "It seems like a mighty long time" would create one of the most enduring moments in soul.

Just the mention of Barbara Lewis' original 1963 version of Hello Stranger gives me chills. Every single time.

Yesterday, I came across a Samantha Fish cover version of this classic song.  Apprehensively, I gave it a listen, concerned that the Kansas City blues singer-guitarist would fall short.

But there it was, the lush textures, the magical groove, the alluring sustain of the organ, the bubbling accents of the horns, and some very tasty guitar.  This record gets the "A."

Then the vocals of Samantha Fish enter.  She sounds incredible, evoking the wanton lust of reunited lovers with a tone that is honest and raw.  I can't stop listening to her vocal performance.  Coupled with the musicianship and production, this song sets me afire.

Click Here to listen to Samantha Fish's remake of Hello Stranger.

Click Here to listen to Barbara Lewis' original version of Hello Stranger.