Hotel Amarillo - Caroline Spence

from the album Spades & Roses (2017)

I'm just passing through
In a lonely beaten night
Just need somewhere to crash
Where I can turn off all the nights
Put five hundred miles on my sweet old ride
And I'm pulling in the Hotel Amarillo
With a bottle of wine

I've been playing shows out west
With no guarantee
That anybody's ever gonna give
A damn about me
I made enough last night
To fill that tank up one more time
And I pull on in the Hotel Amarillo
With a bottle of wine

This is one of those songs that I cannot stop listening to.  Fifty-six times at last count.

Songs that do this to me can always be summed up with a single word: honesty.  Honesty in the songwriting.  Honesty in the vocal.  Honesty in the performance and production.

This song about the dark side of being a troubadour is blameless and sincere in its depiction, allowing for a more universal understanding that - in some ways - we are all troubadours, doing our thing, rolling from town to town, longing to curl up with someone understanding, and cherishing those brief moments of peace and bliss.  When nobody else is there - as is too often the case - a bottle of wine suffices.

As I grow increasingly enamored with the music of Caroline Spence, I can only hope that this relationship endures.

Click Here to watch the official video for Hotel Amarillo.


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