Memories Are Now - Jesca Hoop

from the album Memories Are Now (2017)

Many successful songwriters build their songs in layers, much the way a great artist works with oils.

Less common is the songwriter who deconstructs the cacophony of sound leaving only the most essential elements, much the way a sculptor does.

On the song Memories Are Now, indie-folkster Jesca Hoop works like a sculptor to create a truly fantastic song.

The beat and groove - boom, boom boom - is stripped down to the sound of a heartbeat that pulses through the song, giving life and purpose to the song's central instrument: Jesca Hoop's voice.

The song also layers in multiple tracks of vocals intended to strike emotive chords.  This technique gives the song an almost-classical vibe.  The results are magnificent.

Click Here to watch the official video to Memories Are Now.