Poetry - Ray Davies

from the album Americana (2017)

People all over the world are empty.  Their numbers have reached a tipping point.  Nigel Farage.  Donald Trump. Marine Le Pen.  Where does it go from here?

Enter a voice from the past, Ray Davies.  On his forthcoming album - Americana - our sage hero reflects on his fifty-year relationship with America through his own, unabashed prism.

His backing band are The Jayhawks.  The record includes spoken word pieces and excepts from his memoirs.  I can't wait to hear it all.

The pre-released single is titled Poetry.  It offers a critical view of American's obsession with materialism and suggests that our emptiness ought be filled with poetry, art, and beauty.  I couldn't agree more.

Here are the lyrics:

I just got back from a walk
Down the square, to the local Kentucky
To see what was cookin' down there
I looked around at the store
And the signs and the queues lining up
For that 21st century fare

I kneel down and say grace
For the comforts the world bestows on me
And the great corporations providing our every need
And those big neon signs telling us what to eat
In every shop window goods are designed to please
Oh, but I ask "Where is the poetry?"

The day we met we were both
Down and broke
But we laughed and found comfort
In old books and whats in the view
I'm reading poetry out loud
Watching old black and white films together
In the days before Blockbuster came

I here you ran off and found yourself
A rich, handsome fellow
To supply you with all you require, your materials needs
I hope your fairy tale doesn't end tragically
And in a shopping mall somewhere
You'll be down on your knees
Crying out loud "Where is the poetry?"

I'm looking at the sign
That says, "Have a good day"
But I got too much on my mind
So many questions that get in the way
Everybody's looking for perfection
But once I heard a wise man say
"To get sometimes, you have to give away"

Where's the poetry?
What is your line?
What does it mean?
Give us a sign

I have read in the news, someone said
That the great population
Is better off than it was yesterday
Better health, better food, better sex, better higher-education
But with the credit cards always on the way

And I just saw my girl with a guy
In a fast-food outlet
They seemed happy together but I saw the tragedy
Maybe I'm missing something, was too blind to see
She settled for someone who isn't so hard to reach
Well, now I'm on the fire of desire and the mystery
Oh, but I ask, "Where is the poetry?"

Click Here to listen to Poetry.