Safe Changes - Talaboman

from the album The Night Land (2017)

Talaboman is an music collaboration between two independently successful electronic artists - John Talabot and Axel Boman - who practice their craft in places like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Barcelona.

I dig their music because I think I get what they are trying to accomplish: achieving beauty in electronica and creating humanness through the tension and connectedness of collaboration.  Together, it is quite a beautiful dance.

Their song Safe Changes has really caught my fancy.  The straight, simple beat might be considered unsophisticated if not for its hollowness, evoking an african drum.  The music is equally simple and straight, not focused on impressing the audience, but rather on creating beauty.  You can close your eyes and imagine them at their synths, crafting sound and texture with purity and love.

I can't get enough.

Click Here to listen to Safe Changes on SoundCloud.