The Bar Is Low - Pissed Jeans

from the album Why Love Now (2017)

Last fall, my funky friends and I had a surpassingly heated debate regarding the best month of the year for listening to rock music.  I stood alone in my belief that March is best, while the overwhelming majority insisted, "It's Roctober dude."

Aah, those early days of Spring, when a young man's fancy turns to rock and roll.  That first warm day when you roll the windows down, crank the stereo up, and sing along at the top of your lungs.  Does rock music ever sound better?

So, let's start off March with some loud, banging music by Pissed Jeans and their song The Bar Is Low.

Heavy Metal beats.  Angus-inspired chords.  Full-throated vocals.  Congratulatory lyrics for slackers doing the bare minimum.  Pissed Jeans are the shit.  Turn 'em up !!!

Click Here to watch the official video for The Bar is Low.  Funny.


  1. Testosterone fueled music in the spring time is the human version of locking horns to impress the ewes. Or does. Or female elk like types. This song rocks! (PS: How do I make it my ring tone?)

    1. And these guys are funny !!! So many hard bands feel they can't laugh. Loosen up dudes...


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