Way We Won't - Grandaddy

from their album Last Place (2017)

Grandaddy are a band of indie-rockers from Modesto, California.  Formed in 1992, they made great music and great records until a lack of commercial (financial) success resulted in their 2006 breakup. Frontman Jason Lytle then embarked on a memorable solo career.

Ten years later, they have reunited and recorded a new album, Last Place.  The record picks up right where they left off, both musically and lyrically.

I'm digging the tune Way We Won't, a medium tempo, easy to consume song that you could imagine hearing on a thousand radio stations.

The visual imagery of the song is precious: a homeless couple living on the roof of a big-box retail store looking down on the "consumers."

Click Here to watch the official video to Way We Won't.