What A Girls Gotta Do - Lindi Ortega

from the EP Til The Goin' Gets Gone (2017)

Lindi Ortega is a singer-songwriter of the first order.

She has a highly developed sense of the tempo, rhythms, and space required to create country and americana soundscapes.  She matches this with a lyrical ability to create visual imagery that play to honest, raw, and romantic truths.  When it all comes together, few songwriters can match her talent.

What A Girls Gotta Do is a beautifully stripped down acoustic song that uses minimal piano and lap steel accompaniment create a tender and quiet mood.  From here, she sings a supportive lyric to a woman trying to make her way in the world.

Come on baby dance
Come on baby here's your big chance
Give a little twirl
They all came to see a girl
Honey don't be shy
Though it might make your daddy cry
You know a girls gotta do
What a girls gotta do to survive

Her songs tell stories, create moments, and touch.  Simply the best.

This song has not yet been posted on social media.  So, please check it out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or whatever you may fancy.

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