Who We Are Right Now - Ron Sexsmith

from the album The Last Rider (2017)

Mellow and melodious, Ron Sexsmith is a singer-songwriter who applies precision to his craft.  You hear it in his vocals, his arrangements, his guitar playing, and the production of his records.

The results are stunning.  His music beautifully evoking comparisons to some of the great singer-songwriters of the 1970's, including Paul McCartney.

On his latest release, I've been digging the song Who We Are Right Now.  Over many years, I've learned not to listen to artists like Ron Sexsmith through the perspective of genre or commerciality, but rather to close my eyes and simply let the music carry me away.

This song's melody and the lushness of its the tones are the perfect remedy for a hectic life.  This afternoon, I escaped the drudgery for a few minutes by sitting in the yard and feeling the warmth of the sun.  I found myself singing this song in my head.  I closed my eyes and let the melody consume me.  It was a brief moment of zen.

If you love the beauty in music, you will love Ron Sexsmith.

Click Here to listen to Who We Are Right Now.

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