Whoa! There's No Limit - Lord Echo

from the album Harmonies (2017)

As of late, I have been obsessing on the sound of a needle in the groove.  In particular, those few seconds between when the needle drops and the music starts.  Why do I love it so?  Is it the warmth of an analog noise floor running through the tubes and out the speakers?  Or, is it the anticipation of the song that is about to play?

How do millennials feel about that sound?  Do they get that same rush that I do?  Do they feel anything at all?

I want to believe that it is more than a romantic notion.  After all, I've been feeling it since I was fifteen years old.

Last night, I found myself holding an old vinyl copy of Upstairs At Eric's by Yaz.  I could hear the sound of the needle in the groove right before the synths explode into Don't Go.  Analog warmth in a 64-bit digital age leaves a sheen that magnificently dates the art.  No different than 35mm slides or old polaroids.  Goodbye Seventies.

This gets me to the song Whoa! There's No Limit by Lord Echo.  It is an irresistible late night groove, full of dub and soul, that takes this listener to a very special place, where I'm feeling righteous and reminiscing about groovy times.

There is so much goodness in this song, that I dare not detail it for fear of losing my weekend.  I'll leave it to you to listen and dissect.  I'm sure you'll be digging dozens of fabulous little things.

So one question that lingers, how will this song sound on vinyl?  Will it be even better?  Or, is there a different kind of perfection in the tools and techniques of this moment?

Click Here to listen to Whoa! There's No Limit.