Zindabad - Red Baraat

from the album Bhangra Pirates (2017)

Weddings are the most joyous ritual in almost any culture.  They bring families and communities together to celebrate their mutual continuation.  Could there be a happier event?  I have had the privilege of attending Christian, Hindu, and Jewish ceremonies - big and small - from giant mafia weddings to quiet justice of the peace affairs.  All are beautiful.  All are fun.

I think about that Jewish wedding, a few thousand years ago, when someone said, "Jesus Christ, there is no alcohol at this shindig," to which everyone's favorite radical cleric converted the water into wine.  People must have been psyched beyond belief.

Red Baraat are a marvelous party band from Brooklyn.  Their name combines the most festive of colors with the Hindu ritual of the baraat, in which the groom leads a large processional of family, friends, dancers, musicians, and even fireworks to the wedding venue while riding a mare.  What a way to kick off a party!

The band's music brings together a world of genres: funk, bhangra, rock, hip-hop, and jazz.  It is all swirled together to create an almost transcendent sense of joy and euphoria.  Think of it as musical ecstasy.

I am really digging their song Zindabad.  It starts off with some eastern rock guitar stylings that set the world-music vibe, followed by powerful horn riffing announcing that something momentous is about to occur.  Anticipation mounts.  Then the song kicks in with layered drum beats, a steady groove, chanting, upticks in tempo, and those incredible horns.  What a song!!!

The word zindabad is an exclamation of encouragement meaning "long live."  It is most commonly used as a political slogan, or for royalty.  I say, "Zindabad, Red Baraat!"

Click Here to listen to Zindabad by Red Baraat.