Andromeda - Gorillaz

from the album Humanz (2017)

When circumstances in your little corner of the world grow grim, do you have a "safe room" to retreat to?  Is there a special place, or activity, where you can shut out despair and envelop yourself in happiness (or simply be numb)?  My guess is that you do.

Once upon a time, I used to head to the beach, walk past the lighthouse and the naked people, and find a secluded spot along the dunes where I could sit, stare at the sea, and escape.  Nowadays, I tend to lose myself in writing, listening to music, or noodling on a guitar.  Regardless of the activity, a glass of wine is never too far from reach.

This is the general theme of Andromeda, a new song by Gorillaz.  Although the title suggests skedaddling over to the next galaxy, the Andromeda of this song is a dance club that existed in back in the 80s, in the British town of Colchester.  The club played vintage soul music.

A dance floor is the perfect place to escape.  The groove, the beat, the vibe, and kindred spirits looking to lose themselves in the moment.  It is a place where nothing else matters.

The song Andromeda mimics this experience.  It is a dance song with a straight beat, subtly hooking groove, and a minimalistic house sensibility. The synthesizers offer a whiff of 80s in their tone while never conceding the song's modern edge.  Well-considered vocal performances by 2-D (Damon Albarn's virtual persona) and D.R.A.M. fill out the soundscape.

The song also contains a sense of melancholy and emptiness that I find curiously appealing.  Perhaps it is a Colchester thing?  After all, this is the town where poet Jane Taylor wrote Twinkle Twinkle Little Star back in 1806.

Click Here to listen to Andromeda by Gorillaz.