Call 32075! - Shed

from the album The Final Experiment (2017)

My recent experimentation with mixtapes has caused me to reconsider my viewpoint on lyrics in music.

Historically, I am a person who obsesses on great lyrics.  From Cole Porter to Bob Dylan, Patti Smith to Conor Oberst, impactful lyrics have been central to my definition of quality music.  However, when creating a mixtape, I am finding that too many lyrics detract from the impact of mixtape as a whole.

Instead, the mixtape requires you to think in terms of a soundscape of texture and tone, with lyrics used sparingly to reinforce the vibe.  This technique allows the selected lyrics to resonate clearer, producing a superior overall product.  Less is more.

As such, a song like Call 32075! by Shed is something that I may have previously under appreciated, but revel in today.  The dirty noise floor and rhythm couple with the rolling toms and high hat to give an industrial feel to the electronica.  This is juxtaposed by delicate keyboard riffing coupled with long, soothing sustained keys.  Collectively, it is quite magnificent.

The arrangement then introduces chill-down segments that serve as another hook layer for the listener.

This is the perfect song for a future mixtape.  Tone.  Texture.  Soundscape.

Click Here to listen to a teaser sample of Call 30275!.