Gravediggin' - The Buttertones

from the album Gravedigging (2017)

Everybody that I know likes music that is fun.  It is the lowest common denominator.  Sure there are those who look down their noses at it, but they are status-seeking elitists who have other problems.

Dance music has always stood for fun.  From the Jitterbug to Swing, the Bobby Soxers to Disco, Raves, Ska, AfroBeat, you name it.  All fun.

In some ways, Rock and Roll took the blues and made them fun.  Think about the rock and roll shows of Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Elvis.  It continued with the early Beatles and the Beach Boys. However, when rock lost its roll it also lost much of its fun.  The Ramones fixed that.

The Buttertones are a garage rock band from Southern California.  Their music ofttimes sounds like the soundtrack to retro-film genres, like  Film Noir, Western, and Horror.  Their point of view comes off as that of a bunch of slackers, sitting on the couch, absorbing too much television.  Much like The Ramones.

I really dig the closing track on their latest album.  The song Gravediggin' is effectively an amped up, slightly psychedelic take on classic surf guitar stylings.  With a secondary chord progression reminiscent of the theme song from The Munsters, the musicianship is excellent, particularly the saxophone, drums, and guitar.

However, the real thrill occurs half-way through the tune, when the song segues into an Echo & The Bunnymen vibe, with singer Richard Araiza alternately channeling between an Ian McCulloch croon and a Morrissey falsetto.  The song then transitions back for a frenetic surf rock climax.  It is great stuff.

I hope you have fun listening...

Click Here to watch The Buttertones perform Gravediggin' from a secret location in downtown Los Angeles.