In The Midst - sir Was

from the album Digging A Tunnel (2017)

I have really been digging the song In The Midst by sir Was.  Unlike most bits of electronica that I come across, this song plucks tones and textures from the past and interlaces them in a modern framework to create something that is both timeless and current.

Deconstructing it, I suppose it all starts with a slightly downtempo vibe built off of simple, 808-styled beats coupled with a bass groove with long, ringing notes and tasty, triplet hooks.  The result is a soulful foundation that has plenty of space to breathe.

Within that space, a soundscape is created with a noise floor of radio static and vocal chatter layered with synths, guitar, and hip-hop metered vocals.  Other ornamentation is selectively infused.

In its totality, this is the perfect background jam for your late night chill.  The perfect song to help you wind down, relax, and resync your groove for whatever comes next.

Click Here to watch the official music video for In The Midst.