Lacking in Your Love - Desperate Journalist

from the album Grow Up (2017)

As certain great rock bands - such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, & U2 - blossomed, you could hear their confidence build with each subsequent release.  Not only was this evident in their collective sound, but also in the individual efforts of each musician.  Keith Moon.  Robert Plant.  The Edge.  Each systematically ascending to iconospheric heights.

As this happens across an entire band, it creates a tension and space between the discrete performances where something magical lives.

On their sophomore release, Grow Up, London-based indie rockers Desperate Journalist have begun this transformation.  The self-confidence of front-woman Jo Bevan is in full display on this album.  On each song, she know exactly how the vocal needs to be sung and she delivers exactly that vocal performance.  She is in total command. You also hear it in the guitar work of Rob Hardy, his riffs and leads stepping into the forefront to create memorable moments within the songs.

Of the five or six stand-out tracks on this album, the one I keep coming back to is Lacking In Your Love.  The reason is that this song best demonstrates how the other band members are also coming into their own.  In particular, the pulse and purpose of Simon Drowner's bass line excites my passion for low-frequency artistry.  His groove is the song's driving force.  Complimenting this is Caz Hellbent's brawny beat.  Together they form a rhythm section that must be the envy of London.

Despite being consumed with this album, I can't wait to hear their next record.  I wonder what's in store...

Click Here to listen to Lacking In Your Love by Desperate Journalist.


  1. This young band is absolutely amazing. To hear the cacophonic chaos of youth so precisely synthesized into such beautifully expressed music is a real treat. I too can't wait to hear more from these talented artists, as their skills unfold.

    1. I agree JB. I particularly like Jo Bevan. She is emerging as one of the more amazing new singers around,

    2. Her vocal abilities rate with the lead of Florence and the Machine. Stellar!


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