Love You To The Sky - Erasure

from the album World Be Gone (2017)

The origin of the term "comfort food" has been traced back to an article that appeared in the Palm Beach Post in 1966.  It has been defined as "food - often associated with the security of childhood - that offers a coping mechanism against emotional stress, rapidly soothing negative feelings.

Subsequent studies have shown that virtually all humans - regardless of geography or culture - rely on comfort foods.  In general, men prefer savory meals while women prefer sweeter snacks.  Millennials, regardless of gender, are often attracted to fast food and junk food.  Didn't their mothers cook for them?

In this same vein, there must be "comfort music," songs - or artists - we turn to when times get tough.  Songs that take us back and pick us up.  Of course, there are.

Lately, it has been a new song by Erasure - Love You To The Sky - that serves as my comfort music.  Despite its newness, the song is filled with a nostalgic vibe and comforting tones from a long-trusted musical duo.  This song brings me back to simpler, more certain times.  Kind of like my mom's meat loaf and mashed potatoes with that yummy, brown gravy.

What is your comfort music?

Click Here to listen to Love You To The Sky.


  1. For me, it's the voices that spark a memory and the voices in this song definitely harken back to simpler days. Love it!!

    1. Great Point !!! Andy Bell's voice is the essence of the sound. You're a smart cookie.

    2. And Bernard Sumner...and Jim Kerr...I could go on.

    3. I agre. For me, I would also add Richard Butler and Ian McCulloch.


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