Stop (And Start Again) - ADULT.

from the album Detroit House Guests (2017)

Once upon a time, I had a job where I wore an old fashioned sandwich board and handed out coupons along Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee.  One day, it began to pour rain and I retreated into a department store to keep dry.  A young bohemian girl came out from behind a cosmetics counter to offer me a towel.  By the time the rain cleared, she had handed me her phone number.

For our first date, she took me to an old bar in the city's south-side factory district, near the big clock.  As we approached, I expected to find a bunch of blue collar guys on barstools, slugging PBRs, and showing off their plumber butts.  To my surprise, I found the place packed with uber-skinny, pale, goth-types, drinking mixed drinks and trying to hear each other over the loud, abrasive music.

This was my introduction to the Industrial Music scene.

In the months that followed, I became fluent in her favorite bands, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, and SPK.  I dug the balance between rock and electronica, of human and robotic, of the noise and the shrill of it all.  I also dug the underground art vibe and its visual aesthetic.  It was dark and glorious.

Although it never fully proved to be my scene, I came away from those days with a deeper appreciation for the avant-garde, experimentation, and installation art.  It helped shape my perspective and my point of view.

Knowing this back story, I'm sure you can understand why the song Stop (And Start Again) by ADULT. resonates with me.  There is something about its hard synthesizer riffs and the mechanicalness of its lead vocal that I can't get enough of.  I'm sure part of it is nostalgia, but a larger part is the pulsing beat, the caustic tones, and the sense of desolation in the music.

I find this song speaking to me now in a way that Industrial Music could not back then.  Perhaps it has something to do with the times we live in, or the life I've led.

I wonder what ever became of that bohemian girl.  I owe her a lot.

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  1. Industrial, thanks to ROBERT Moog, but more tribal in beat and rhythm - but it is the nature of finding that unplanned passion, that chance sircumstace of connection that allows one to see beyond their conditioning and to commune with the art. Each of us has that one date, or week of dates that was magicical and filled with memory making moments with a person we not of now. Thanks for stirring that memory into the foreground.

  2. Thanks JB. Funny you should mention the great Mr. Moog. Last night, I was dusting off a cheap, thirty year old synthesizer, banging out a sad approximation of early Depeche Mode riffs, and fantasizing about making a record called "The Moog Of Things." Too much time on my hands...


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