Sugar For The Pill - Slowdive

from the album Slowdive (2017)

I quite fancy the names that are given to many music genres.  Bluegrass suggests Kentucky.  Folk the common man.  Garage.  Ambient.  Grindcore.  What evocative names !!!

But of the scores of genres and sub-genres, my favorite name has to be Shoegaze.  The visual image of an introspective musician staring at his, or her, shoes is simply the best.

Slowdive is perhaps the most acclaimed band in the history of the genre.  In their first release of the millennium, these 90s icons have matured their sound with stunning effect.  The result is Sugar For The Pill, a straightforward bit of shoegaze that evolves from their earlier work in its restraint, its lush soundscape, and its impeccable bass and guitar work.  I cannot stop listening.

After such an extended hiatus, too many bands impulsively charge back, intent on reasserting the vigor of youth, while Slowdive elects to stare downward, be themselves, and let their music flow.

I dig that.

Click Here to watch the official video for Sugar For The Pill.