These Foolish Things - Bob Dylan

from the album Triplicate (2017)

When I was a boy, I had a tendency to sit back in a chair and lose myself in thought, oblivious to my surroundings.  My mom would often be the one to break the spell, singing "How Deep Is The Ocean?"  I suppose this was my introduction to the great American songbook.

So, since picking up a CD version of Bob Dylan's new album, Triplicate, a few weeks ago, I've been looking forward towards listening to the record with my mom.  She has always been my musical compass, pointing me towards great songs and encouraging me to emerge myself in a world of music.

I knew she would love it.  She was raised on standards, like Stardust, Stormy Weather, and The Best Is Yet To Come.  As we drove and listened, she came alive with stories from her childhood.  About her Uncle Buddy putting these records on the victrola and playing along on the piano, as she sat on the floor with her dolls.  When How Deep Is The Ocean came on, she squeezed my hand.

However, what I did not expect came at towards the end our drive.  As Bob sang These Foolish Things, my mom began to cry as she sang along.  She then became a bit overwhelmed.  The lyrics had evoked little things about my dad that she misses, very much.  She will love him forever.

When you think about the truly great songs, it is all about the connections that they make with their listener.  They are powerful and beautiful.

Thank you to Bob Dylan for breathing new life into this timeless collection of songs.  I hope it becomes a bridge for future generations to appreciate just how great the great American songbook was, and is.

Click Here to listen to Bob Dylan's recording of These Foolish Things.


  1. This post alone, made me sweet is your mom...?

    -Righteous T

    1. Thanks Righteous T.

      My mom sure is sweet. I'm lucky.

      40 Watt


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