This Cities Undone - The Moonlandingz

from the album Interplanetary Class Classics (2017)

The Moonlandingz are a wildly creative group whose debut album - Interplanetary Class Classics - is funky, fresh, and fun.  With a "Bootsy Collins meets the B-52s wrapped in Glam Rock" vibe, they further infuse an Andy Warhol-styled sense of artistic chaos together with a John Waters-inspired cast of supporting characters to create the perfect antidote for modern society's maladies.

The album even includes a guest vocal by Randy Jones - the cowboy from The Village People - on a song titled Glory Hole.

This band is a mash-up of members of Fat White Family and Eccentric Research Council, both from Britain.  The record is produced by Sean Lennon, whose mom, Yoko, figures prominently in the mix.

I've been digging the album's final track This Cities Undone.  A cacophony of drums, groove, and synths couple with the topsy-turvy vocals to create a perfect closing number.  It not only features Yoko Ono - at her best - delivering hallucinogenic, reverb-heavy screams, but also Phillip Ocley of The Human League and Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club in the choruses.  It is fun to pick out their voices.

There is also reported to be a fifteen-minute long extended version, featuring a "scream off" between Yoko and Lias of The Moonlandingz.  I can't wait to lay that one on my funky friends...

If your looking for a good party record, this is it.

Click Here to find a Soundcloud link to This Cities Undone on the website.