Any Given Day - Georgia Mulligan

from the single Any Given Day (2017)

In recent years, Australia's ability to produce such an endless string of great singer-songwriters is mesmerizing.  Artists like Julia Stone, Julia Jacklin, and Courtney Barnett have left indelible impressions on me, becoming mainstays in my musical rotations.  How I would love to return to Australia and spend some extended time in the bars and clubs that produce such delicious music.

Another Australian artist I've grown fond of is Georgia Mulligan.

On her new single, Any Given Day, I really dig the simple intro of hazy guitar, bass, and drums.  I also dig how, almost subliminally, the soundscape evolves into something dramatic and all consuming.  This is only surpassed by her vocals.  They blow me away.

Georgia Mulligan is destined for great things.  Mark my words.

Click Here to listen to Any Given Day on SoundCloud.

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