Fun - Blondie

from the album Pollinator (2017)

I am fascinated with the NYC music scene of the late 1970s.  The Punk, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Club music we've been listening to for nearly 40 years is the result of what went down in Lower Manhattan and the South Bronx in those few short years.

It also amazes me how this all ties together.  I think about the diversity of bands that played at CBGBs, how dissimilar The Ramones and Talking Heads really are.  Still, they played in the same dumpy bar.  So did everyone else.  Listening.  Synthesizing.  Creating.  Amplifying.  What I wouldn't give to have been a part...

Blondie was one of the most incredible bands from the downtown scene.  They also did more that anyone to cross genres.  Think if how Heart Of Glass became an international dance sensation, how Rapture became the first Rap song to hit #1 on the charts, and how different those songs are from the sass of Rip Her To Shreds.

So, here we are in 2017, listening to the new Blondie album - Pollinator - and delighting in its reception.  In particular, for the song Fun.

The latest generation of Producers and DJs are taking this new Blondie song and remixing it with spectacular results.  The Eric Kupper remix has become the #1 song on the club charts.  Think about that...

Blondie is a band - formed in an incredible time an place - that continues to influence so much of today's music.  Hat's off to them and all those other unsung bands who positively changed music forever.

Click Here to listen to the official video for the Eric Kupper remix of Fun.

Click Here to listen to the official video for the original version of Fun.