Lies I Chose To Believe - John Moreland

from the album Big Bad Luv (2017)

I have long been a believer in the mantra, "The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves."  I find this to be true in our personal lives, business, society, faith, you get the point...

So, when I came across a song titled Lies I Chose To Believe, I couldn't help but give it a spin.  So glad I did.

John Moreland is a top-tier singer/songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His music is rooted in an American vibe that speaks from the red dirt of the south-central United States and the working man ethic of artists like Bruce Springsteen.  I'm a bit hesitant to say this too loud out of respect for his integrity as an artist.

I first came to know him when three of his tunes tuned up on the TV series, Sons Of Anarchy.  I'd be laying in bed, immersed in a full-on binge-a-thon, Shazaming the TV, and exclaiming, "Holy shit, it's another John Moreland song!"

I tend to dig four things about this song, in ascending order they are: the loose galloping beat created by brushes on a snare, the exquisite tone and chord play of the piano track, John Moreland's textured vocal, and the meaning behind the lyrics.

Imaging the possibilities if we all stopped lying to ourselves...

Click Here to listen to a segment of Lies I Chose To Believe on SoundCloud.