Live Your Fantasy - José James

from the album Love In A Time Of Madness (2017)

I dig José James.  He always seems to be pushing himself - and pushing his boundaries - to be a more versatile and essential artist.  Originally gaining notoriety for his ability to fuse jazz and hip-hop, he has since expanded his musical envelope to include dance, soul, R&B, funk, and more.  His work is always well considered and well executed.

One of his latest songs - Live Your Fantasy - has spent the past few months in my new music rotation.  The song is slick and polished R&B.  It has a modern vibe and vibrant bounce, with all its elements fitting right in the groove.  As Stevie Wonder might say, "It's got the A."

But what I like most about the song is its execution.  The musicianship, the vocals, the production.  All flawless.

Click Here for a very cool video of people dancing to an edited version of Live Your Fantasy.