Me Verás - La Santa Cecilia

from the single Me Verás (2017)

Early last year, a group of funky friends and I travelled to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico for the Todos Santos Music Festival.  For the final night, a large stage was erected in the courtyard of the town's Mission for a free concert, open to all.

For the Americans in the audience, the long list of alluring artists included John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Peter Buck & Mike Mills of REM, Drive By Truckers,  Death Cab For Cutie, The Jayhawks, Chuck Prophet, and Steve Wynn.  They played individually and in varied line-ups.  It was fantastic.

But for the local Mexican audience (and myself), the main attraction was La Santa Cecilia, a Los Angeles-based band comprised of 1st and 2nd generation Mexican immigrants.  I liken their vibe to a cross between Los Lobos and Alabama Shakes, with an ability to seamlessly transition between traditional Mexican and rock arrangements, led by the incredible La Marisoul, a vocalist who comes as close as anyone I've uncovered towards estimating Brittany Howard.

There was a moment, about half way through their set, when John Paul Jones walks on stage with a mandolin to join in for a few songs.  After a mind bending jam, one of the back row musicians (maybe the bass player?) says to the audience, "Man, a few years ago we were sitting in a dormitory, smoking dope and listening to Led Zeppelin tunes, and now we are on stage with John Paul Jones!"

I have never felt more connected to my Mexican brothers.

Me Verás is the latest single from this incredible band.  Listen as they slide between tradional and rock.  Also listen to La Marisoul's incredible vocals.  This band and their music will stand the test of time.

Click Here to listen to Me Verás.

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