Midnight Surf - The Velveteins

from the album Slow Wave (2017)

Edmonton is a city in Alberta, Canada about 200 miles north of Calgary.  It is so far north, that the city north of it does not exist.  It is also home to The Velveteins, an indie rock band that has just issued their first full-length release, Slow Wave.

The track I'm digging most is Midnight Surf.  It is a kind of mash up between garage rock and a psychedelic dream.  At their core, The Velveteins are a thrashing three-piece line-up consisting of bass, guitar, and drums.  Their key differentiators are the smoky rasp of Spencer Morphy's vocals coupled with excellent songwriting and inspired arrangements.

However, they manage to build from this formidable foundation by infusing heavy synths and percussion to create an other-worldliness in their music.  Midnight Surf almost feels like a swirl of several distinct songs combining to form a hallucinogenic dream.

I also dig the song's visual imagery of dancing in slow motion, floating above the ocean, and the slow waves of an endlessly rolling midnight surf.  These lyrics compliment the music and offer an opportunity for listeners to lose themselves and escape inside this splendidly original song.

Click Here to watch the official video for Midnight Surf.