Shine On Me - Dan Auerbach

from the album Waiting On The Song (2017)

Once upon a time, I was playing bass for a cover band called The Electric Montalto.  We had a standing Friday night gig at an Irish Pub where we would play a wildly eclectic range of rock songs.  At some point, we started playing Pop Song 89 by REM.

This song fascinated me.  It was so damn simple and formulaic, yet everyone loved it.  People pogo-dancing around the room, bouncing off the tables, aggravating the L7 folk.  It was incredible.

The next song in the set was usually Why Don't We Do It In The Road, where we would let anyone in the crowd join us on stage and sing a verse.  It was total mayhem, often lasting over 20 minutes.  Aah, The Electric Montalto.  It was too good to last.

The point is that people love simple, hook-laden pop songs.  They can't help it.

Shine On Me is simple pop song cut from this cloth.  The handy work of Dan Auerbach - guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys - this song is a study in catchy, pop hooks.  The strum of the guitar, the lead guitar riffs, the drum beat, the backing vocals, the melody.  How can't this song get stuck in your head?

It is a perfect song to kick off the approaching summer.

Click Here to watch the official video for Shine On Me.