Tripped Out Slim - Trombone Shorty

from the album Parking Lot Symphony (2017)

Virtually every article or review I read about Trombone Shorty marvels at his genre-crossing virtuosity.  No doubt this is true.  However, for me, this diminishes the crux of what makes him an essential artist.

Trombone Shorty is a bad-ass trombone player who can lay down New Orleans street funk like nobody else on the planet.  For that reason, I have immersed myself in his new song, Tripped Out Slim, one of the deeper cuts on his latest album.

This tune is hard, muscular, and funky.  From the opening trombone groove, you know it is going to be hot.  Within seconds - BAM - you are hit by funky guitar, snapping drum beats, horn riffing, and deep bass picking up on the groove.  By the time the bone solo comes, your mind is spinning to the ferocious mayhem.

Trombone Shorty will be closing out the final night of New Orleans JazzFest this weekend.  I wish I could be there, dancing my cajun little ass off.  In my dreams, he will be playing this song.

Click Here to listen to a preview of Tripped Out Slim on SoundCloud.


  1. I'll say "hey" for ya.

    Two years ago there was a band there of all trombones, called Bonerama. The name is a little pervy, but they were awesome!

    Can't wait!

    1. Bonerama sounds fun.

      Have fun in New Orleans. I'll be there is spirit.


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