Where I'll Find You - Joan Shelley

from the album Joan Shelley (2017)

According to Joan Shelley, in his role as producer of her new, self-titled album, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy assumed a posture of "protecting the songs, stopping us before we went to far."  This "less is more" approach produces a stirring result, with one of the best records I've encountered in 2017.

The song I'm particularly smitten with is Where I'll Find You.  Here, the soft production and focus on the beauty of the composition - coupled with the sentiment of the lyrics - create a song that is tender, warm, and touching.

I dig the opening guitar riffing over a subtly brushed snare, tuba bass line, and organ. In only a few bars, the listener is transported to that quiet place.  I also dig how the bass occasionally leaves the tuba line to bounce and - at times - help carry the melody.  It is quite tasty.

But the focal point of this tune are the vocals.  Joan Shelley's voice is deeper and richer than many of the other songbirds I come across. This allows her lyrics to ring with texture and authenticity.  As a listener, I am fully absorbed as she sings:

And now I dream
I dream of you and me
Out in the fall, always the fall
I see the ground we walked and played
I see the place that holds the weight
The size of you
Oh, what can I do

For romantic souls, with hearts aching for not-to-distant loves, songs like this offer torturous solace.

Hats off to Joan Shelley and Jeff Tweedy for keeping their focus on these graceful songs, and for creating a record that is truly splendid.

Click Here to listen to Where I'll Find You on SoundCloud.