Woo Sé Mama - Paul Weller

from the album A Kind Revolution (2017)

For me, listening to Paul Weller records - through all his incarnations - is always about the groove.  It is the common thread that underpins nearly 40 years of stellar recordings.  It makes him special.

His latest album - A Kind Revolution - opens with a song titled Woo Sé Mama.  It is a rockin' song with an R&B swagger and Soul-laden chorus.  Its swirl of textures and tones layer atop the groove leaving the listen unsure exactly of what genre they are listening to.  They only know they like it.

In a recent interview, Paul Weller says, "There are only two types of music, there is good music and there is shit."  This is really good music.

Click Here to listen to Woo Sé Mama.

Click Here to watch an interesting "behind the scenes" video on the making of A Kind Revolution.