Across The Multiverse - Dent May

from the forthcoming album Across The Multiverse (2017)

As the seasons change, so do my drink and song preferences.  In winter, I fancy a glass of Côte Du Rhone, or perhaps a stiff Manhattan.  In the summer, I am all about Polomas, a refreshing mix of Cuervo Tradicíonal and grapefruit soda garnished with a ruby red grapefruit wedge.  They are yummy.  In fact, I am drinking one now.

In regard to music, my summertime music mixes are all about feeling good and happy.  No moody folk or hard rock (why is it that the harder the rock, the less sense of humor?), but rather reggae, ska, retro pop and soul.  You can also throw in some of those early 80s artists that help me feel young.

Across The Multiverse is a retro pop tune by Dent May.  With a hint of bouncing disco in its groove and horns inspired by Burt Bacharach, this is the perfect summer tune.  Sung as a duet with folkster Frankie Cosmos, this song sounds like it jumped off the soundtrack to a future Guardians Of The Galaxy movie.

Rather than get into the weeds of all the songs wonderful hooks, simply kick back and enjoy it.  With a Poloma, perhaps?

Click Here to listen to Across The Multiverse.