Beautiful Gun - Alison Moyet

from the album Other (2017)

If I could travel back in time on musical journeys, one of my destinations would certainly be E.C. Ratcliffe's London studio in 1982.  It was there that Vince Clarke returned - after recording Depeche Mode's debut album, Speak & Spell, the previous year - to lay down a new dance song he had written for his new act.

That song - Only You - would become a global dance sensation.  To capitalize on their unforeseen success, the band rushed back into the studio and haphazardly recorded additional material.  The result was the Yazoo album Upstairs At Eric's (named for the studio), perhaps the most important synth pop album ever recorded.

One of the amazing things about this record is how it connects with listeners.  Many of the people I know - including myself - who cherished this album back in 1982, still do today.  Beyond that, Upstair's At Eric's has managed to remain fresh, attracting new generations of listeners thirty-five years after its release.

This lasting success owes much to Alison Moyet.  Her voice is an instrument of timeless beauty and power, its lower register adding a weight that is lacking in most synth pop vocals.  It gives me chills.

On her outstanding new album - Other - I am most attracted to Beautiful Gun, the song with hardest groove on the record. The way her vocals and a raw electric guitar take turns riffing over the beat and groove is fantastic.

Other is one of the best records of 2017.  The remix crowd will surely have fun playing with it.

Click Here to listen to Beautiful Gun.


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