Had To Let Me Go - Nite Jewel

from the album Real High (2017)

Nite Jewel is the stage name for Ramona Gonzalez, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles.  She is part of a growing breed of singer-songwriters who embrace grooves and electronica over acoustic guitars.  She is most widely known for her song Nowhere To Go, which appears on the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack.

I am really digging her new song Had To Let Me Go.  With a chilled down vibe and slinky groove, this song is perfect for both burnt-out afternoons and moonlit cocktails.

The melody, groove, and vibe set the stage for her splendid vocal abilities.  She seamlessly alternates between a laid back songbird in the verses to a soaring chartreuse in the chorus.

It is hard not to get lost in this song.

Click Here to listen to Had To Let Me Go.