Maskindans - Todd Terje

from the single Maskindans (2017)

Do you remember when we were younger, going to a dank, dark club and hearing hard synths and industrial clatter for the first time?  This wasn't the world our parents raised us in.  Still, there was something alluringly ominous in the sound.  Who are these pale, emaciated people?  Is this what music sounds like in East Berlin?  Do their women wear shiny boots and carry whips?  Should I be taking a different drug?

Now we stand in the future.  A new age of artificial intelligence and robotics emerges, its shadow looming larger as it steps into the light.  This is more than driverless cars, on-line shopping, and drones.  What will it mean to share the planet with machines?  When the singularity comes, are we master or servant?

Earlier this week, I was in an ultramodern office, with full-length glass opening to idyllic woods.  At long tables, young people of every race and gender sat expressionless at computers, programming the future.  Their leader had green hair and nose piercings.  Am I living in a science fiction film?

Maskindans (or Machine Dance) is the latest release by Todd Terje.  Somehow, the synths seem harder, the tension greater.  The music envelopes me.  Have I lost free will?

Click Here to listen to Maskindans.