(Satis) Faction - The Danish Radio Big Band & Charlie Watts

from the album Charlie Watts Meets The Danish Radio Big Band (2017)

The only time I ever saw The Rolling Stones live was at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, during the band's Voodoo Lounge tour.  Most of my 70,000 closest friends had better seats, causing me to watch much of the concert on the large screen displays.

The opening act was Bryan Adams.  Despite not being too far the pinnacle of his career, he seemed small on stage.  Neither his performance nor his sound could fill such a large setting.  It was a disappointment.

Shortly after, The Stones took the stage.  Everything was large.  The pyrotechnics.  The sound.  Big stuff.  Mick Jagger commanded the large stage, while Keith Richards and Ron Woods stalked about the stage like sharks readying for a feeding frenzy.

But the thing that captivated me most was Charlie Watts.  His beat filled the dome.  It was steady and strong, creating the foundation for the frontmen to dazzle the crowd.

In the years that followed, every time I hear The Stones, I zone in on the drumming.  While never showy, it is never less then inspiring.

(Satis) Faction is a live, bossa nova adaptation of The Rolling Stones classic song featuring Charlie Watts on the drums.  While I dig the arrangement, I bask in his drumming.  It is so subtle, yet so vital.  He blows me away.

Click Here to listen to (Satis) Faction.