Trouble - Zkeletonz

from the single Trouble (2017)

My world surrounds me with with artists, technology wizards, and small business people, all embracing a Do It Yourself approach to making a living.  They make art, music, websites, corn dogs, manage AirBNB properties, and a host of other bootstrapped goodies.  The common threads they share are endless supplies of work hard and passion.  I dig that.

Zkeletonz are a group of likeminded music lovers based in London.  They "play music and throw parties firmly fixed in the sonic space between traditional bands and DJ sets."  In addition, they run a local rehearsal and recording studio - Kafri - in London.  They also host a recurring show on Boogaloo Radio (available on MixCloud).

Everything is interlocked and cross promoting.  Clever.  They are Do It Yourselfers of the first order.  I am certain that if we ever met, we would become fast friends.

On January 1st, they released Trouble, the first in an ambitious string of releases planned for this year.  I have been drawn to the Vogue.Noir remix of the song.  As I listen to it, I imagine myself lounging in a chic hotel bar in NYC or London, drinking a Hendricks & Tonic with two limes, checking out the stylish chickadees as they saunter by.

Check out their radio show, buy their music, and embrace everything the do.  Every time you support a Do It Yourselfer, God gives you a wink.

Click Here to listen to Trouble (Vogue.Noir remix).