You're In Love With A Psycho - Kasabian

from the album for Crying Out Loud (2017)

Why has it taken so long for someone to write a song titled You're In Love With A Psycho?  From what I glean of human history, this phenomenon has been screwing up people's lives since the beginning of recorded time.

You're in love with a psycho
You're in love with a psycho
And there's nothing you can do about it

We've all been there.  But aside from this catchy chorus, there is so much more that I dig about this tune.  Its deluge of hooks starts right from the opening measures.  The beat, the groove, the backing vocals, the electric guitar, and the vocal melodies all grab the listener, commanding them to join in the fun.

I also dig the use of '80s tones, particularly the synths.

Lastly, the lyric make me smile, ripe with Bukowski mentions and other groovy references.

This is good, mindless indie-pop.

Click Here to listen to You're In Love With A Psycho.