Big Boys - Chuck Berry

from the album Chuck (2017)

This week, I had the privilege to take a road trip with an eighty-one year old woman.

When I was a kid, I did not know any octogenarians.  People were "old" in their sixties.  Surviving your seventies was virtually unheard of.

But there I was, covering two thousand miles with a fully-engaged woman.  She was laughing, telling stories, singing to the radio, giving advise.  As we were about to pass the exit for the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, she said, "Let's go.  This will be fun and we might learn something."  She was right on all accounts.

Big Boys is a new song by Chuck Berry.  Released posthumously, he completed this track at the age of ninety.  I am in total awe.  The guitar playing and vocals are as vital as his music of sixty years prior.  The signature riffs.  The passages sung in french.  The energy and drive.  The realization that this is the work of a ninety year old man is beyond amazing.

Please take a listen.  In a world where age discrimination will ultimately effect us all, let this serve as a reminder that there are no limits.  Each of us is special, with unique gifts to offer the world.  Bestow them generously.

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