Cannonball - ZZ Ward

from the album The Storm (2017)

ZZ Ward is a terrific, LA-based singer-songwriter with a great feel for deep blues grooves.  Her sophomore album - The Storm - is chock full of excellent music.

The song I am digging most is Cannonball.  With a deep groove and stellar vocals, this is one of the best songs I've come across this year.  On the song she is joined by Fantastic Negrito, and together their raw energy gives buoyancy and life to a 1-4-5 blues progression.

I particularly dig the guitar work, harmonica solo, and ZZ Ward's vocal intonations that give off a near Amy Winehouse vibe.

Undoubtably, this song will be on my "best songs of 2017" list later this year.

Click Here to listen to Cannonball.