Gigolo A Go Go - Episode 7

Is there anything sexier than French Pop?  Mini-Skirts and Go-Go Boots.  Imagine yourself back in the 60's, jet setting with a Tom Collins in your hand.  Smiling at the flight attendants in those fabulous uniforms.  Aaaah.  What happened?  Damn hippies.

This mix takes a look at fifty years of French Pop.  Of course, you will find later grooves from Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg - along with a classic by Bridgette Bardot - but you will also find newer bands like La Femme, Stereolab, and The Limiñanas, the Bryan Ferry-esque stylings of Françios Veléry, the 70's pronto-punk of Plastic Bertrand, and a slew of other goodies.

Hope you dig it.

Here is the playlist:

It's Time To Wake Up 2023 by La Femme

J'aime Regarder Les Filles by Patrick Coutin

Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi by Jane Birkin & Christophe Miossec

Don Quichotte (No Están Aqui) by Magazine 60

Paris Latino by Bandolero

Margerine Melodie by Stereolab

Donne Donne by Nanette Workman

The Train Creep A-Loopin' by The Limiñanas

Love On The Beat by Serge Gainsbourg

Elle Danse Marie by Françios Veléry

C'est L'amour by Léopold Nord & Vous

Pied De Poule by Geneviève Lapointe

Super Cool by Plastic Bertrand

Contact by Bridgette Bardot

La Facture D'électricité by Miossec

C'est La Mort by Stereo Total

Avec Les Oreilles by Monique Thubert

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  1. This mix was c’est magnifique! The world may not have been completely ruined by “those damn hippies”, but the bon vivant attitude of jet setting with a Tom Collins has definitely been altered past a recognizable form. Thank goodness for the unalterable enjoyment that comes from drifting within your mind while listening to good music.

    Thanks to you 40 Watt for mixing the juices of solid sounds.

    1. Thanks JB. Glad you liked the mix. Regarding the hippies, I can let my freak flag fly with the best of them, but there is nothing sexier than '60s French Pop. Nothing.


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