Snow - Angus & Julia Stone

from the forthcoming album Snow (2017)

I dig Simon.  I dig Garfunkel.  I adore Simon & Garfunkel.  The same applies to Angus & Julia Stone.

As splendid as Angus' Bird On A Buffalo or Julia's Justine are, there is something magical that occurs when they record together.  Past releases, like Mango Tree, Big Jet Plane, and Grizzly Bear dazzle with their laid-back, warm vibes, enchanting listeners with each successive track.

Snow - the title track from their forthcoming album - is the latest addition to this body of work.  It is a simple song featuring dreamy guitar and bass over a vintage drum track, adding a tasty synth during the interlude.  The lyrics are about being with someone while wishing you were with someone else.

I really dig the lyrics and vocals.  Initially, the song consists of Julia singing a line with Angus repeating it.  However, as their relationship devolves, Angus' responses veer in a different direction.  The lyrics craftily reference "smiling in the smoke" when their relationship is new and "smiling in the snow" when they are ultimately with someone else.  Good stuff.

Still - for me - it is all about the magic of Angus & Julia together.  Like Simon & Garfunkel.

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