You Ain't Worth Suffering For - Kasey Chambers

from the album Dragonfly (2017)

Back in 2001, I reconnected with my long-time songwriting partner - Fred - to write a dozen, or so, songs.  It had been seven years since we had last written together, making it necessary for us to "sync-up" on what we'd been listening to and where our musical heads were at.

I burned a CD of roughly fifteen songs by new artists whose songwriting skills impressed me, and mailed it off to him.

When we finally sat down face to face, he couldn't stop talking about one of the songs: Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers.  He played it on his guitar, talking about chord changes, technique, and lyrics.  Few songs have ever connected with Fred this way.

Fast forward sixteen years, and I find myself listening to You Ain't Worth Suffering For, a new song by Kasey Chambers.  She has grown up, her voice a bit deeper and more mature.  Her vocal chops and songwriting are better than ever, belting out this well-crafted tune like few can.  Wow.

I keep listening, thinking about Fred, and wondering where our songwriting might have taken us had we kept at it.

I'd like to think it would have aged as beautifully as Kasey Chambers' music.

Click Here to listen to You Ain't Worth Suffering For.