Believe - Benjamin Booker

from the album Witness (2017)

I am really digging the song Believe by Benjamin Booker.

The tune hooks me in the opening seconds with an orchestrated introduction reminiscent of Ray Charles in his Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music era.  This gives a classic - or retro - sheen that lets the listener know something good is coming.

Then enter Benjamin Booker's voice, raspy and tender over a light R&B groove.  The arrangement has space that allows for tension to build and release throughout the composition.  The orchestration is magnificently leveraged to highlight this tension to create moments of anticipation.

Collectively, these elements form a mighty soundscape, over which the vocals and lyrics take flight, soaring above the music.  The hook phrase "I just want to believe in something, I don't care if it's right or wrong" has been echoing in my head since my first listen.  Backing vocals add an element of gospel in the closing section, taking the song to an even higher plane.

The songwriting, arrangement, and vocal performance combine with a lyrical message that feels well-suited for our times, making this one of the best songs of 2017.

Click Here to listen to Believe.