Blackness Of The Night - Yusuf / Cat Stevens

from the album The Laughing Apple (2017)

Typically, we think of power in terms of energy, strength, and might.  Kilowatts.  Decibels.  Horsepower.

But there is a different kind of power.  A subtle power.  A power that rises above the noise by standing apart from it.  Beauty.  Message.  Purpose.  Gandhi.

Cat Stevens is a master of this type of power.  Singing - never shouting - in hushed tones.  His fingers softly working the fretboard.  In the ways that matter most, he is more powerful than nearly any current musician I know.

In his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech, he nearly moved me to tears talking about his classic song Morning Has Broken, recounting how he tried to channel his mother's voice singing to him as a child.  It's tender and intimate - and powerful.

So, as you listen to his new song Blackness Of The Night, think about subtle power and what a better world this might be if more people exuded - and followed - it.

Click Here to watch a music video for Blackness Of The Night.