Count Your Blessings - The Como Mamas

from the album Move Upstairs (2017)

When Thomas Edison first introduced electric light to the world, its power plants could only illuminate over short distances.  As a result, populated urban centers - like New York and Paris - became electrified while more rural locations remained in darkness.

Imagine the awe and excitement of seeing the lights of a city for the first time.

Radio provided a similar experience.  Early transmitters provided coverage of a relatively small radius, limiting their deployments to more densely populated urban centers.  However, as the technology matured, the transmitters expanded their range to include rural communities.

Imagine the awe and excitement of having music broadcast into your home for the first time.

The Como Mamas take their name from their small hometown of Como, Mississippi.  As girls, they were introduced to great music by the booming radio transmitter of WDIA in Memphis.  It was here that they absorbed the music of icons, like Elvis and Aretha.  For small girls in a small town, it fueled musical dreams.

On Sunday mornings, they were only allowed to listen to gospel radio.  Here they learned the traditional songs and began singing them in church.

Fast forward forty years, and they are world-class recording artists. On their latest album, they have added house musicians from Brooklyn's Daptone Records to their traditionally a cappella sound.  The results are stirring.

I am really digging their song Count Your Blessings.  The song is all about the vocals, vocal arrangement, and message.  Add to it a 60's soul vibe and it becomes incredible.

I imagine myself sitting in a farmhouse, in the middle of nowhere, hearing this song come over the radio.  I picture myself singing along and dancing, full of awe and excitement.

Click Here to watch the official video for Count Your Blessings.