Feeling Good About Feeling Good - Art Feynman

from the album Blast Off Through The Wicker (2017)

Feeling Good About Feeling Good has rapidly become one of my very favorite songs of 2017.

This globydelic groove explosion is hypnotic, hyperbolic, and parabolic.  The jams jam for over seven minutes, man.  Groove and beat.  Move your feet.  Who's guitar playin'? Riff splayin'?  Mantis prayin'?  Jane, never let them stop this groovy thing...

The brainchild of Luke Temple, this song is recorded under his alter-ego of Art Feynman.  Although I dig his work as part of Here We Go Magic, the liberation of an alter-ego suits him well.

Capture the rapture.  Call the dispatcher.  Hope I die before they put me to pasture.

Click Here to listen to Feeling Good About Feeling Good.


  1. Holy moly, this is really coolin' groovin'! I had to break out the noise cancelling headphones to get a deeper immersion in the diversion of just digging to the tunes. As the jam went on, the volume slid higher and higher making the experience just that much better.

    This is a frolic for the musicaholic. A treat with the meat that grinds with heat, and would drive the fate that makes folks mate - and that harmony ain't never a bad thang!

    1. Barometric theatrics for gymnastic spastics. well done.


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