Funny How Time Flies - Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds

from the album Sounds Of Crenshaw, Vol. 1 (2017)

As the last Uber scuttled off with straggling party guests, I settled in on the front porch with my trusted four-legged companion Karma Jean (The Dance Machine), poured some Fireball over ice, and took in the sounds of the city.

Cole Porter had been bouncing around my brain all night. Tell me which is dreamier, Arcadia or Bohemia?  I started opening gifts.  Mostly booze and music.  Next, I unwrapped a book by Allen Ginsburg, collecting his lectures on the Beats.  I held the answer.

Winding down, I threw on Sounds Of Crenshaw, Vol. 1, the latest record by LA's Terrace Martin that introduces his new band: The Pollyseeds.  The vibe was perfect for my late night urban chill.  Rooted in jazz with hip-hop and R&B undertones, the grooves were deep and hypnotic.  His sax solos magnificently understated.

Saxophones and cities...

Throughout the party, people kept asking how old I was.  I am never one to retreat from saying the number, but this time I felt perplexed saying it.  It doesn't fit with the way I feel.  In my head, attitudes, and lifestyle, I am about eighteen years younger.  The whole thing is weird, bordering on surreal.

There is a track on this Terrace Martin record called Funny How Time Flies.  Downtempo and chill, with inspired drumming and a Songs in The Key Of Life era synthesizer, the song repeats a simple mantra:

Funny how time flies when your having fun

Within the Stevie-meets-jazz soundscape, this vocoder-heavy line kept spiraling in my head, sending my mind down a rabbit hole.  Along the way there is a master sax solo.  The combination of back-alley sax and churning drums over a subliminal bass groove and wondrous synths makes for seven minutes of sonic heaven.

I woke up with the mantra still imprinted on my brain.  It is true.  As I look back on everything I have experienced in this precious life, I recognize how fortunate I am.  The road ahead may be a quick ride, but I'm guessing it will be a glorious one.

Happy Birthday to me !!!

Click Here to listen to the album Sounds Of Crenshaw, Vol. 1 in its entirety.  It is really best appreciated as a complete work.

Click Here to listen to listen to Funny How Time Flies.

Click Here to read my December 2015 blog post on Terrace Martin's Valdez Off Crenshaw.


  1. End the night -

    Having been at that blast out celebration for a guy no where near a slow down of his teenage rebellious inner flame, I have to say, Damn - I wish I would have stayed longer to enjoy those sound of the late nite air.

    The beats had it right, “Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness.” 
    ― Allen Ginsberg, Howl and Other Poems

    The 40 Watt Gigolo always sets the needle on the track that reminds one to enjoy the fun as the time fly’s, and it will move in a dilated fashion, as predicted by a young patent clerk (albeit it fly’s by proportionally faster when you’re in the kitchen at such a party. Can ya blame me, that's where the women are!)

    Regardless, I left before the sounds of the evening rang in the dawn (damn, I must be old too), but there will be another time. And I know that that inner child in us all will want to be at that playground - playing well with others!

    1. Next time, I hope you can stay later JB. That's when the best shakin' goes on.

  2. Happy birthday, Gig'! And thanks for the bodacious tune-age all these years!

    1. Thanks Richie Beans. I am very glad you were able to partake in the festivities. Wait until the new soundstage is complete !!!


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